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Circles of Caring staff with clients


Since 2001, Circles of Caring Adult Day Health

has been a treasured resource, providing services to individuals and families living on the Palouse. The skilled services provided by qualified professionals working for our program make it possible for many vulnerable adults and elders to remain in a emotionally-supportive care.


Adult Day Health participants come from all walks of life. For many years these individuals have served the Palouse region as teachers, musicians, lawyers, physicians, janitors, scientists, homemakers, business owners, veterans, plumbers, and police officers -- to name a few. Thanks to their dedication and willingness to give their best to the community, the Palouse region is a vibrant, life-giving, and wholesome place to live and work. These individuals now deserve our help, and this program. 

Our Philosophy

At Circles of Caring Adult Day Health
Our mission is to…


  •  Provide community-based health and wellness enhancement for adults and elders with specialized needs.

  • Provide a "healthy living" option for our aging and at-risk population, and a daytime care alternative for their families and care providers.

  • Assist program participants in living and remaining in their own community as long as is safely possible.

  • Help our participants improve or maintain their physical and/or cognitive functional abilities so they are able to remain at home as long as they and their families desire.

  • Work within the standards of conduct that reflect the values of the National Council on Aging.

Our History

In 2001, Circles of Caring Adult Day Health was created to serve the Palouse region, funded by a federal outreach health grant totaling $600,000 for a three-year period.


The community of Moscow, Idaho also contributed $200,000 to help get the program up and running.


Over the following decade, our program grew to include seniors and families living in the communities of Moscow and nearby Pullman, Washington -- both small college towns separated by a stateline but just a few miles apart.


By 2014, most program clients and their families lived in the Pullman area. In December 2014, we moved our program facility to Pullman, committing to bring Moscow area seniors to the new center by bus...

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