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We Make Friends 

We make it possible for adults living with dementia and chronic illness to be successful, safe and surrounded by family and friends. Read what some of our clients' friends and family say about us.


Mom enjoys the games, music and exercise. Good lunches with people to chat with including staff and nursing students. RN on staff. I can’t say enough about the program. They took care of my dad and now my mom, plus my mother-in-law. I needed a break from 24 hour care as did my sister-in-law."

- Tammy Lanting 


Circles of Caring provides a valuable and much needed service to our daughter.  She attends 5 days a week and truly benefits from the socialization, stimulation, and positive interactions with both the staff and other participants.  The environment is uplifting, fun and lighthearted.  She loves it!  Staff report she laughs, smiles, and becomes truly animated while playing musical instruments, knocking over blocks, or tossing balls.  She loves how the staff interacts with her, and we love the concern the staff has for her well being.  The program provides socialization, activities, and nutritional care in a warm, compassionate environment. 


We feel that she is in safe hands!!  Our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the affection, care and patience that is shown every day.  It is truly a home away from home."

- Annette Veneziano 


ADH saved me when my mom died.  It was a support network with staff who helped me get re-established.  ADH is a safe place where I can say what I'm feeling.  I make new friends regularly.  When I've had setbacks in my mobility, ADH helps me get back on my feet.  They have given me encouragement to get up and walk which has helped me stay out of a wheelchair.  I've learned that my voice, my thoughts and feelings are valid.  I try to be sensitive to others too.  Being here has given me the courage to look at some of my issues and get help with them.  I'm learning to be me."

- Lorna Hanrahan 


Our mother has been attending Circles of Caring Adult Day Services for a year now.  Mom still lives at home and this program provides her with the opportunity to socialize with other folks her age. It also helps us keep on top of her minor medical issues before they become something more serious.   


After Mom had to start using a wheelchair, Circles of Caring has provided her with a safe place and the trained staff necessary to help her with bathing. Aside from the help and socialization provided for Mom, the time she spends here a couple of days each week has given me a small break from my role as round-the-clock caregiver."

- Doug Park



Sometimes the value of a program or service is not completely appreciated until it is needed. Such was the case with my family when my father began attending the program at Adult Day Services. Not only does this program address the needs of family members who at times desperately need a respite, but also the clients themselves. They can begin to regain the value and purpose in their lives that disabilities often threaten. Watching my father’s eyes brighten up in anticipation of his visit to this program leaves no room for me to take this service for granted. There is no substitute for this program. Our community will be the poorer should we lose the hope this program provides families. It’s worth fighting for."


- Michael Largent
Whitman County Commissioner, District 3





Circles of Caring Adult Day Services is a model for the future of healthcare and eldercare, particularly as our population ages. It affords assurance of safe, therapeutic, and dignified oversight, and allows family caregivers to remain in the workforce."


- Nancy J. Chaney
Former Mayor, Moscow Idaho



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